November 5


I woke up to the bright flame of the sun. I needed to practice for tomorrow. So I got into my pool and started swimming. There were white snowflakes today and I needed to go to my swimming competition. The crowd was cheering so hard for me to win. My opponents were right behind me I sprinted the final stretch in the water. I got out I was 1st. I celebrated. As the award ceremony went on I was waiting until I could get home and play Minecraft with my friends.

October 29


I was home alone, or at least I thought. I was playing Minecraft with my friends. We were playing factions inside Minecraft. As we were playing I heard a noise upstairs. I thought it was just the wind, so I continued to play Minecraft. I eventually stopped to do my homework as I completed my hot maths and was half-way through my 100wc I went upstairs one of the doors was open as the door slammed I knew I was not alone. i quickly grabbed my staff beating the robber up. let’s just say he got used to prison air.

October 22

100 wc

We have witnessed the sinking of a man. He decided to try something unique, so people doubted him. He tried it and it worked he built a ship shaped like a man. All ships were terrified thinking it was a giant. but then one brave ship shot the man ship and it sunk. everyone was so sad that they built a memorial in the water of the giant ship. But the memorial was old and starting to wear out so they had to demolish it. As of this day the statue is gone.

September 16


what makes certain materials jump around?

there are materials that
conduct and insulate. insulating materials stop electricity. conductors let electricity flow
how does friction exactly generate static electricity.
I understand electricity has many different properties with many different uses.

why do certain materials conduct electricity?

September 7


I was having a fun time watching a horror movie but then suddenly it went dark. At such a bad timing because the power went out in the video. I got so scared that I stood still. Then the lights turned on in the game and in real life. That is why I hate horror movies this day. I do watch some kind of horror games but ones that are not scary like five nights at Freddy’s 1-5. I hope you enjoyed this scary true story about me. The end.

September 3


Time for the sleepover I can’t wait. So after a while we got tired so we went to bed. I woke up to see a monstrous face, I ran. My friends woke up they ran. We quickly entered the closet. “Have we lost him?”

“Think so”

“Shhhh” *creepy laugh* on three we run 1…2…………..3! Left here. “Okay we lost him right?”

“No he is right around the corner”

“Quick come” we entered another closet this is insane. We had to leave. “Gooo!”  We ran out of breath. As it came rushing towards us we woke up.

August 20


Dear diary,


My 40th year of being a seal. It’s going to be fun, we called a comedian to come. It’s going to be good as well.


He arrived. He seems like a funny guy. He will be doing some comedy.


My favourite joke was so you go to the shops to buy stuff, you get a jacket then you go to the self-checkout and the credit card says “sorry you already have a jacket.” Then you come back with nuclear weaponry, then the card says “you can get nuclear weaponry as long as you share it with your sister”, so you put it back.

August 6


I opened my door to be greeted with a couch. I went over and sat on it, I grabbed a cushion and put it behind me. I reached for the remote. *ding dong*. Hey honey I forgot to tell you scarlet… “the annoying” I mumbled under my breath, is coming here. I opened the door to see her holding her violin, this could only end badly. She sat down and started “playing” music, spoiler it sounded like a dying horse. So I went outside to water the plants. I thought this day could not get any worse… it did.

July 30


I needed to find light now! I can’t use my first aid without the light. I found a camera I decided to use the flash mode. I clicked the shutter but then the flash made me dizzy. This was going to end up worse than I thought. I pulled the Swiss army knife out of my pocket then I activated the light. I quickly applied the first aid. Then, I started looking for the exit but I could not see it. Thoughts started racing through my head about me being trapped here forever. I guess I was trapped.

July 20


Once in a lifetime a magical event happens. Every carousel horse is freed from its metal prison. Then they run around spreading rainbows and joy. Fighting against evil nightmares to make little children happy. These horses are a beautiful white with gold and gem decorations. These horses fight against nightmares using rainbow lasers and hover boots. These horses then later return back to their metal prison continuing to give joy to little kids by giving them a ride. But evil people have stolen these prisons and made people have to pay for happiness.