March 23

the apocalypse of the zombie busses and their skeletal minions




Hello I’m a human oh no! It’s raining blood. The mysterious character stood alone under a red moon. I better shelter in this green busss? It’ll do. It’s empty suddenly a swirling black hole looking thing appeared in the back of the bus. Is that a portal? It’s sucking me in!

The human disappeared through the swirling hole and landed on a heap oh no I am dead wait I’m alive. The human looked around. He saw flat dirt covered ground with a mossy stone covered ceiling. Something caught his attention in the distance oh no! Zombie busses and their skeletal minions where’s the portal? He looked around for his escape but the portal disappeared I can’t outrun them might as well die just as he was about surrender and die another character appeared he was swinging on a vine calling out his name “Geronimo” he was rescued who are you ? Geronimo didn’t say anything well at least I’m safe just as he was about to be saved the vine broke what do I do I’m falling help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee crash Geronimo landed with a crash boing the mysterious character bounced up am I alive he said in the 39th dead world? I’m a DRAGON!!!!! Holy cow with macaroons I’m flying I’m the king of the world.