February 29

buddy reflection

UR MAMA!my buddy sean is the best buddy ever he is amazing he is really good he is the best at colouring he is also really cute. in buddie training we learned that buddies are not your friends they are just people take care of. we do it to learn how to be responsible when we grow up.

February 21

src speech

i would be a great src because i know what will improve the schools education and make the schools education go down i also make the right choices and i let everyone give me thier ideas and i will try to involve them in the src meetings i would also love to be an src cause its a great chance to improve my organization also there is some things that i would improve like the school computers they should make them have better keyboard and windows 10 because the grade 5/6’s need windows 10 and have better ping and load speed and thats why i will be a great src.

February 19

100WC #1


the door opened and there it was…

the door opened and there it was the terrifying beast i tried to fight it but i was not possible until i realised it was my greatest fear the only way to fight is to show bravery i started showing my bravery but nothing happened i started running for my life but i got blocked then the doors around me closed they started closing in i was gonna get minced they had blades it was the end for me i tried one more time t show bravery then a ray of light bounced of me i retuned home

February 1

letter about me

Dear Antony,

One of the most exciting things that happened is when my parents bought a house. It was hard work moving. Recently we finished moving all the stuff in and now we are adding stuff to make the house look nicer.

Another interesting thing I did on the holidays is that I went To my first skate park with my cousin. It was very hard to stay on my skateboard on ramps. The skate park was very cool. The skate park was in Victoria St and that’s all I did on the holidays other than playing Minecraft.


From Martin