April 28

the alien vending machines

(machine whirring) we will invade earth and crush all the puny humans but what can we dress as. aha we can dress as vending machines and poison the humans okay machine number 2 lol your number 2 hahhahahahah make sure you serve poisonous coke a teenager aproaches the broken coke machine (machine number two) and breaks it. then all the other teenagers start fighting the other machines then a magic unicorn comes. but then the unicorn becomes a massive alien and the teenagers fight all day then the alien starts fading until it vanishes the teenagers win yay.

April 25

btn #4

i understand that making a law is often rejected by the senate. why is it  called a double dissoulution? why does the senate reject bills quite often? double dissoulution means both the houses are dissolved (not litterely) and have to be relected. the senate has a smaller amount of people so its harder to get a majority. a D.D (double dissoulution) is only allowed to be called if the same bill is rejected twice.

this color= recall

this color=question

this color=insight

April 22

goals for term 2

i understand solids liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways.

i understand science involves testing predictions by gathering data and using evidence to develop explanations of events and phenomena

i can with guidance plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems

i can decide which variable should be changed and measured in fair tests and accurately observe measure and record data using digital technologies as appropriate

April 21

the icky eyeball

DING DONG. Yay the postmans here. Ooh a box thats addressed to me. I put my hand in the box and felt a slimy substance and then I pulled it out I saw what it was and I was nauseous. It was an eyeball, no wait, it was a fake eyeball. then the postman started laughing and laughing because it was prank day. I started thinking of a way to prank him. I got it. DING DONG the postman arrived again, sploosh the bucket of slime fell on his head and i laughed my head of hahahaha! the end.

April 15


i understand that this was telling people to be careful about how they eat because it may cause diabetes.why is diabetes becoming more and more common? why do we have so many diseases?

people that don’t exercise and eat unhealthy food a lot have a higher chance of getting diabetes.some people are born with diabetes.diabetes is becoming more common.








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April 14

THE SPOT… 100wc#7

i tried to stop it but the spot just grew and grew i could not get it off the wall no matter how hard i scrubbed it just kept on growing even when i stopped touching it. It was almost 6:00 my mum could not see this stain on the wall otherwise i would be doomed i painted over it but it did not help. I quickly rode my bike to bunny warehome to buy some mega white bunny paint but they were out of stock so i bought the black one and then the hole disappeared. the End

April 10


I understand that its really hard to be prime minister. Why can people from the same party as the pm kick him and maprime ke a new pm? (minister). Why is it so hard to be the prime minister?

Malcom turnbull was elected to be the leader. Malcom did not want tony abbott to be the pm. Its hard to be the pm



blue= insight



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