June 24

goal reflection for term one

My goals

i understand solids liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways.

i understand science involves testing predictions by gathering data and using evidence to develop explanations of events and phenomena

i can with guidance plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems

i can decide which variable should be changed and measured in fair tests and accurately observe measure and record data using digital technologies as appropriate

I have found out the properties of the three states of matter and  how they effect our everyday life. I know that solids are hard so they are good for building. liquids flow so they are good for medicine.  gasses float so they are good for helping flying things fly. i have learned also how to do a lab report on experiments with a variable a variable is a thing that is changes in the experiment.

the control is the experiment without the variable





June 19


This was about how “Finding Nemo” affected the the world.

I understand that some movies will make wildlife not exist.Why do more people want goldfish after this movie was released? Maybe kids wanted their own Nemo or maybe goldfish became cheaper to buy. If the creators of “Finding Nemo have found out about this problem, Why can’t they just not release the movie? Dory from “Finding Dory” is a very hard to fish breed in captivity because it gets diseases very frequently. Most fish don’t make the trip when ther caught to the pet shop. 90% of fish in pet shops are caught straight from the wild.


pink=my opinion/comments




June 19


Once in million years a magical instrument comes to earth and plays soothing sounds. But there was a kid named Billy. He was gonna paint the yellow violin with brown. All the violins power comes from the yellow paint. Then an airplane swept so close to the ground that it caused a sonic boom. All the windows shattered when everyone was preparing for the yellow violin. Billy had already eaten an apple to settle his hunger. When the yellow violin came he threw buckets and buckets of paint and the yellow violin dodged them all and zapped Billy. THE END

June 13


This btn was about how Lego was getting more violent over the years.

The first Lego set was created in 1949, they were only simple bricks then almost 30 years later the first Lego weapons were introduced. But now Lego is even more violent 30% of all Lego sets contain weapons. But I personally think that the weapons are fine because kids should be a certain age to play with Lego. Why do people think that Lego is violent? It does have lots of weapons but its not graphic so there’s no blood. Lego is awesome! Why do quite a few people think that Lego is violent? I understand that people don’t want their kids encouraged by violence but if their kids don’t spend lots of time on Lego sets with a large amount of weapons they wont be violent. 40% of Lego catalogues/magazines have violent or threatening things.


purple=my thoughts

orange= facts


June 8

the whistle blew

A long time ago in a country far far away there was a war lots of innocent people were shot. They were trying to get back their land but they kept on losing and losing the war. But we had an emergency plan witch will do something horrible. We only use that so no one owns this land. The other team had frag-grenades and other artillery we could not win so we decided to set off the secret weapon. We flicked all the switches and pressed all the buttons and then a whistle blew and everyone disappeared. The End
June 7

my speech

energetic. I will start with the simplest one, the plasma.


Plasmas are the most energetic state of matter. They have roughly the same amount of negatively and positively charged particles. Examples of plasmas are lightning, auroras and stars. Plasma is all around our planet in space. Stars are made of plasma. Plasma can be seen in the North Pole during the aurora. You need a temperature of 120000C. Now, that’s hot! This is what the particles of a plasma look like. Now let’s move on to be condensates.


Bose Einstein condensates:

This is the least energetic state of matter and can only be created in temperatures near 00K (Kelvin) or -273.150C (Celsius) which is near absolute zero. That must be a dangerous temperature. There are two be condensates that have been found out so far. They are rubidium and another one, which I could not find out about because there is barely any stuff about be condensates on the internet. This is what the atoms look like in a Bose Einstein condensate. The extreme cold makes them loose their individual identities and stick together and they start looking like a wave. BE condensates are insanely hard to come across in nature.





the internet not holding the info i needed i was nerveous. my strong points were speaking clearly giving good info and saying what difficult words are.i want to get my speech finished two weeks before the week when i do my speech so i can have lots of practice. i could use my speaking skill for answering questions and saying the right stuff and also listen to the question so i can answer it properly. eye contact,fluency,

June 5


this article was about the cost of dairy milk

i understand that dairy companies are starting to pay less for milk. why do milk commpanies pay less? why do we ship milk overseas? cow farmers have a hard time earning money.  companies don’t want to pay as much for milk anymore. milk companies have reduced thier prices.

pink= recall




June 2

the two men

there were two men sitting together they came back from a journey but were did they go maybe they went to california or maybe they went to a magical land what if they went to saturn maybe they went inside a ufo i think that they visited an alien planet they probably went to mars and invented mars bars they maybe they were undercover fbi agents trying to save earth one of them could have been iron bro so the other one was captain australia so they were fighting against megatron and they managed to save the world the end