July 24


This btn was about a seed bank called the doomsday vault.

I think that making seed banks are not a waste of money.


this is a fantastic idea because we will never lose a species of plant. Say for example there were no more wheat we could just plant more.

Having a seed bank is really useful. We could also have other plants from around the world in Australia so we can have more beautiful wildlife. If we don’t have plants, bugs cant eat them so the animals could not eat the bugs and we could not eat the animals, so there would be no life on earth. Seeds are crucial to our life and this is why seed banks are not a waste of money. Seed banks are awesome and useful.

July 20


Once in a wonderful world there was a beautiful ray of sunshine and in the underground there was purple goo that covered all the ice deep inside the caves. In this world birds flew and monsters frightened the scared humans. but there was a boy that never gets scared and he has a friend thats scared of being home alone. so he decided to give his friend a course to not be scared. he started by teaching him not to be scared of the dark then eventualy he became scared of nothing.so no monsters could scare him. the end

July 18

natural disasters

Natural disasters harm people and destroy stuff. If it does not harm people that means it’s not a natural disaster.

Natural disaster can always happen naturally.

You are never 100% safe from natural disasters.

In unpopulated areas natural disasters are not called natural disasters because they won’t hurt anyone so it’s not a DISASTER.

Human can cause natural disasters because they are not careful enough or smart enough.

A volcano is a natural disaster because

Its hurts people it changes the appearance of land and it happens naturally.

A cyclone is a natural disaster because it kills people and destroys buildings.

Avalanches are natural disasters because

They kill people and happen naturally.

July 17

btn special edition

Vote for Bill Shorten as prime minister, because he is a great man and if you think he’s not, I will persuade you to want him as prime minister.

He started off as a lawyer and then worked at a union that represents workers rights.

He is known for helping workers to have a better work experience. He also keeps all his promises So if you don’t vote for bill shorten our future will be awful. Workers need support and help because they don’t have jobs like you. They work hard  in coal mines mining or stray in forests looking for trees to cut down. They barely get paid, imagine if you were one of them. If you vote for him he will provide funds to make your work place a better, safer and a happier work place. Workers will also get paid more money.

So that is why you should vote for Bill Shorten as prime minister.




July 11

three way confrence

This btn was about how Lego was getting more violent over the years.

The first Lego set was created in 1949 they were only simple bricks then almost 30 years later the first Lego weapons were introduced. But now Lego is even more violent 30% of all Lego sets contain weapons. But I personally think that the weapons are fine because kids should be a certain age to play with Lego. Why do people think that Lego is violent? It does have lots of weapons but its not graphic so there’s no blood. Lego is awesome! Why do quite a few people think that Lego is violent? I understand that people don’t want their kids encouraged by violence but if their kids don’t spend lots of time on Lego sets with a large amount of weapons they wont be violent. 40% of Lego catalogues/magazines have violent or threatening things.


purple=my thoughts

orange= facts



I understand that lots of people photoshop lots of images. Why do people photoshop images?  Why was photoshop even created? You are perfect whoever you are. People should stop photoshopping images. Photoshopping images just makes the person look worse.