August 18

camp recount

Camp recount

At camp we went to parliament house. There were loads of interesting things to see. We saw the centre of democracy, and in the centre there is water. This means that no one can be in the centre of democracy without getting wet.

There were 2500 clocks in the whole building. There were two lights on each one. A red light in between the 7:00-8:00 and a green light in between the 4:00-5:00. The green light turns on when there is a session in the House of Representatives. When its 4:00 the green light will turn on. When its 7:00 the red light will turn on meaning there is a session in the senate.

In the senate there are 76 seats. There are seats for the government and seats for the opposition. There are also some seats for minor parties and independents. In the senate there is a person called the usher of the black rod. He holds the black rod it looks like this.


The usher of the black rod escorts the president to his seat and takes the bill to the governor general. The president exactly like the speaker in the House of Representatives.

In the House of Representatives there is a person called the sergeant at arms. The sergeant at arms holds the mace he/she escorts the speaker to his chair and he/she takes the bill to the senate. The one on the right is the mace and the one on the left is the black rod.

I enjoyed this experience at camp. I loved the parliament house because I care about what happens to our world.


August 14


This btn was about two earthquakes one being 500 times more lethal than the other one (actually amount used by calculator ; ) winky face).

There were two earthquakes one was in haiti the earthquake was magnitude of 7 and the one in chile had a magnitude of 8.8. Which one do you think the most people died in? if you think it is the one with 8.8 magnitude you’re wrong. The one in Haiti had around about 250000 deaths while the chile earthquake had 500, here’s why;

Haiti has almost no reinforcement making the buildings easier to collapse, causing them to fall on people making them get injured, but the one in chile had way less lethality because they had really strong reinforcement making them have a lower chance for them to fall down causing lesser deaths.

Vid link

btn earthquakes (opens in a new tab)

August 4

principal day

Dear Barbara,

You are a great vice principal you know how to solve all problems you are really nice. When I did something really bad you told me ways to avoid this happening again. You are really great at conversations and know the right way to lead the conversation. When you are here I feel safer that’s why you are a great vice principal.

-Martin Jovanovski


August 3


Sepep term3  week 1


It was a fantastic game. there were loads of fantastic players though three people stood out. Two of them were great at offence and one was great at defence. Before I say the people I would like to say what happened in the game. In the game I was goalie and I knew I could not block this specific goal but Nicholas jumped in front and blocked. It when the goalie was an experienced goalie Kate managed to score a goal. kyle was great at passing to people. So maybe you noticed the three people were Nicholas for blocking, Kyle for passing and Kate for attacking. This was a fantastic game and we won.

August 1


Once in a magical world called htrae there was a magic forest called tserof. There were beautiful butterflies and everyone visited it and had fun. There was a group of kids playing around making feal piles. The kids found a magical fairy of evil. They started running but they could not escape so they hid. Then they jumped out and scared the fairy of evil. The fairy of evil fainted and the kids became heroes. Fighting of all evil things with magic guns that were top condition this is how the kids became heroes. I hope you enjoyed. THE END