October 30


This week we watched a BTN video about space rocks. I never knew that some meteors have as much power as 20 atomic bombs. Why can they have this much power? When a meteor is in space its called a meteoroid and when we can see it its called a meteor. I understand what the differences are between comets meteors and asteroids. Some meteors blow up by thick air releasing a powerful shockwave damaging loads of things. How can rocks from space explode in thick air? 




October 23

btn science (cosmos)

We watched a video about our solar system. I found out that our solar system slowly rotates around our galaxy. Why does this happen? What is so amazing that this video told me is that Jupiter draws deadly asteroids that could destroy earth away and makes them crash into Jupiter. What were to happen if Jupiter vanished? Would other planets draw away asteroids? If the solar system were to die it would not affect the look of the milky way. I understand  how the solar system works and what it is made of.


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October 18

goals semester 2

I have become better at literacy and mathematics I did this by focusing on these specific lessons making it easier to get loads of information making me learn more about these subjects in school.

I also have better-structured stories because I have been practicing with my writing.

I have also gotten better at writing my btn by thinking more of the structure and the average amount of sentences.

I have been picking just right books because I looked at the title and read a couple of pages.

I’m hoping to have all my goals completed by the end of the year and not have any problems in class. I want to make sure I know lots about every single subject. So I’m prepared high school and also grade 6. I want to know more about division with big numbers because I have a hard time trying to divide big numbers that are in the thousands. I want to know more about bidmas because I have no idea what it is.