December 11

100wc my year

My year in grade 5 went by so fast. It felt like it was a month, not a year. All our work was fun (excluding the tests) that’s why my year went by so fast. Me and my friends had a great time together. My brain has grown a lot I now more advanced math and space stuff. I have helped people with computer problems and also helped people that get hurt outside when playing. I also contributed by playing a main part in the concert so now I want my job to be an actor. This was my year.

December 6

Space reflection

The images of our solar system on the internet don’t look like they would look normally. Why is our solar system this big? I understand not everything in the solar system looks the same as the photos. People enlarge the planets so people understand where the planets are. Our solar system is so big that if you were to represent earth with a marble you would need 7 miles of space. How big is our solar system?




December 4

space reflection

We watched a video about how people thought the solar system works, but first how did the ancient Greeks even know about space? I mean did they just come up with the name space because back then no one knew about “SPACE”. The greeks thought of a model with planets rotating around the Earth. Seriously it’s definitely not like it is now. But thanks to Copernicus finally someone got it right the earth rotates around the earth. Well this means were not special. I understand that as time progresses more options will become available meaning that in the future they might figure out that our galaxy rotates around another galaxy like the moon rotating around the Earth. How did they find out how far the planets are from the sun? Did they just predict the biggest one is the closest one I mean that’s bizarre because then Jupiter will be next to us.