February 13

Letter to Libby

Dear Libby,

I love video games no matter how hard a boss is I will always beat it. I also love magic. I am not a fan about grade 5/6 because you always have to write about a prompt. However, I love doing free time writing. I know how to do coding, I can make a computer slow down, display a message, and press a specified key. I have great skills in life. I can memorize scripts and do a play with great compassion. I can fix almost every PC problem. I feel like this will be a very useful skill in life. I have asthma but it’s not dangerous, I have it in a very mild form. Every day I always get hurt at least once. I am also either very lucky, lucky, very unlucky or unlucky every day. So sometimes I have a bad day but also I can have a good day. I like riding my bike or throwing darts. Currently, I’m playing a game called Terraria on my ps4. I’m so excited for the 1.3 update that’s coming out somewhere in term 2/quarter 2 this year. I also play a game that is insanely hard, because if you get hit once you die and you need to be quick and accurate. I get so frustrated with that game. I’m excited for coding this year.


February 6

internet day

Today we participated in a webinar that talked to us about privacy and cyber bulling

We learned that if you become famous there will be lots of people taking photos of you

When you walk down the street. We also talked about dealing with nasty comments.

Always have privacy on, we have the right to be safe online also we can be different we can never tell if people are real of fake