March 24

100wc #4

“Hey put that laser gun down” I said. I’m just going to shoot the earth. I decide to play along. Oh no please don’t destroy the earth. Destroy Jupiter instead. You do realise if I destroy Jupiter asteroids will hit earth making it blow up. Okay noted. Well go ahead try and destroy earth. Are you sure because this will destroy earth. Lol no it can’t. Okay let’s see if your home world will get destroyed.3…2…1…BOOM! Wait but how can something so tiny destroy something so big that’s impossible. You are extremely evil. Watch your back kid I will be coming.

March 22


This was about Australia in early development.

We could have been speaking dutch. Back in the day, you could not travel to different states because the train lines were different. Colonies joined to become a new nation. Why did they have a different amount of senators? Why did the dutch guy leave? I understand that back in the old days it was harder for smaller countries.

March 19

100wc #3

Hi, my name is Jeff. I am always unlucky even though my zodiac animal is the dog. I’m not a sporty type of person, though I do love tennis and video games. I also watch internet memes. My favourite one is my names, Jeff. I don’t go out much. So I’m not as fast as sonic so I come last in some races. I’m terrible at video games so I always am last in video game competitions. (This is not me/Martin because I’m the best at video games I feel sorry for Jeff) so that is why I am always last.

March 13


A long time ago Earth was ruled by titans. These were giant humans.  A war broke out and then all of them turned to stone. But before the war there was a normal human killing all of them. Then a rumour spread about a group of titans that were part of a group called the sheikah. So that’s how the war broke out. After every last titan died they started turning to dirt except one titan. He became buried. All you could see was his hand holding a tree. This titan was the king of all titans. That’s all folks.

March 9

btn #2

This btn was about punishment and the unfairness of England back when there were colonies in australia.

The other soldiers put iron chains on them. They could not stand or walk properly.

One of them died from a sickness. I’m assuming it’s the Black Death or the plaque.

Why do they punish them like this?

Is it for embarrassment?

I understand that the life in England was not fair.

Convicts have an easier life than soldiers.

March 5


Smash a rock fell down on us in the gingerly caves find the discovery so we can leave. How do we even know it’s here? From this map. Oh when we find it we can say we discovered it. Found it it’s a yellow gold. Its it’s remarkable. I know but let’s get out of here.  We should sell it but however we post it online it will be reported for scamming. We need to find another way. Maybe we should just keep it. Good idea we should maybe also find more treasure good plan let’s do it.

The end

March 3


What would it be like being an aboriginal? What would it be like bieng a convict?

They can’t fight the English. Arthur phillip was in charge. They only know native animals.

I understand that life would be hard as an aboriginal and a convict.



March 2


This btn was about hackers.

There are two types of hackers black hat hackers and white hat hackers. White hat hacker helps and protects systems from black hat hackers. whereas black hat hackers hack systems for personal gain. Why are they white HAT hackers what’s with the word hat? How hard is it to stop viruses? I understand that people make mistakes and there are not enough white hackers.