March 19

100wc #3

Hi, my name is Jeff. I am always unlucky even though my zodiac animal is the dog. I’m not a sporty type of person, though I do love tennis and video games. I also watch internet memes. My favourite one is my names, Jeff. I don’t go out much. So I’m not as fast as sonic so I come last in some races. I’m terrible at video games so I always am last in video game competitions. (This is not me/Martin because I’m the best at video games I feel sorry for Jeff) so that is why I am always last.

Posted March 19, 2017 by martin2014 in category 100wc

2 thoughts on “100wc #3

  1. tiana

    Hello Martin
    I liked how you decided to describe his life and show his personality. I don’t think you should of added the bit when you said that this is not martin because I am the best at video games. I just think that wasn’t necessary. over all I think that this piece of work is good and well done for doing your homework.
    From Tiana

  2. charli2014

    Hi Martin,
    I really liked how you added how you were good at video games in real life compared to Jeff. It made it really interesting and made people learn about you more. I also liked how you repeated prompt. Keep up the good work.


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