April 30

btn earless dragon

This btn was about the most endangered reptile in the world.

Habitats have been destroyed from over-development and farming. These reptiles are highly endangered and rare. What predators attack them? How exactly are we harming them? I understand that we need to help save these precious reptiles. We need to help these dragons survive. These dragons are very small and are prey to bigger animals.

April 30


the prompt is 

Well, time for my first day of work at the ant farm. Good morning sir. Employee here’s your label, your job is to climb the tree and retrieve water drop 1. *this should be easy*. Let’s go (enter epic music here) halfway there *whew* this is exhausting. K I’m here now I need to roll it…down the ………hill. I forgot there was a hill here. *grunts* yes come on the water drop was rolling down the hill dodging obstacles and flew up a ramp and landed in the collection jug. Nice work employee see you tomorrow be ready. The end

April 23


*Whoosh* well let’s explore this cave. Dude we are not going to come across anything. Oh yes we are. Dude check out these cave drawings this looks like it’s a legendary myth. Whoever dares to try fire from hell’s ghosts will turn into one. When he tries to do ghostlike stuff he gets stuck there forever. Dude its talking about the ghost pepper,  let’s try some. 10 hours later they finally decide to eat the ghost peppers at castle Drogo… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it burns oh it’s over now let’s walk through this wall. 3.2.1. goooo— THE END.

April 17

100wc the story of celeberities

You all may think being a celebrity is awesome but its actually not. Everyone sticks their camera in your face and the press come in their brown jackets trying to put you on the news. If you win a grammy or an oscar its nerve racking. My first time walking on the red carpet made me worried because i needed to say a speech. All these beautiful celebrities but only one can win an oscar. When i won my oscar i was so happy.

I grasped the little metal body it was hard and cold.