June 29

science reflection

In term two we did a project about animal and plant adaptations. I did a project about the thorny devil. The project was fun and interesting to do. I had lots of fun and enjoyed it. I feel I achieved a high level because I got a lot of good feedback and I did not have a lot of negative feedback. I found it really weird how thorny devils shoot blood out of their eye to scare predators. I also found it interesting that thorny devils only eat ants. One thing I found surprising is that thorny devils have so many defences. I understand the high level of difficulty to survive in the desert as a prey and also the amount of work you need to do to survive. I also understand how different animals have different adaptations to fit their problems. I wonder why the thorny devils predators still try to eat it when it’s covered in spikes. The important things I have learnt are how to make a really good presentation and what to include inside it. I have also learnt what adaptations are. I learnt it by putting the stuff I was not too sure about in my presentation and practising to get it right. I am going to implement my learning this year, into high school next year. This term I have learnt what adaptations are and how to make a good presentation. I have also pushed my limits by working by myself. Next time I do a project I will add more information and make sure I can answer every question possible.


June 2


You can learn a lot from making games by coding. The kids on this BTN use tablets and use python, which is a programming software. I think we can learn a lot if we do lessons about coding and how to make games. Why haven’t we started learning how to code?

Coding is very important in the future because there will be robots so we can program robots to do stuff for us.Why is coding so interesting?