June 29

science reflection

In term two we did a project about animal and plant adaptations. I did a project about the thorny devil. The project was fun and interesting to do. I had lots of fun and enjoyed it. I feel I achieved a high level because I got a lot of good feedback and I did not have a lot of negative feedback. I found it really weird how thorny devils shoot blood out of their eye to scare predators. I also found it interesting that thorny devils only eat ants. One thing I found surprising is that thorny devils have so many defences. I understand the high level of difficulty to survive in the desert as a prey and also the amount of work you need to do to survive. I also understand how different animals have different adaptations to fit their problems. I wonder why the thorny devils predators still try to eat it when it’s covered in spikes. The important things I have learnt are how to make a really good presentation and what to include inside it. I have also learnt what adaptations are. I learnt it by putting the stuff I was not too sure about in my presentation and practising to get it right. I am going to implement my learning this year, into high school next year. This term I have learnt what adaptations are and how to make a good presentation. I have also pushed my limits by working by myself. Next time I do a project I will add more information and make sure I can answer every question possible.


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