September 16


what makes certain materials jump around?

there are materials that
conduct and insulate. insulating materials stop electricity. conductors let electricity flow
how does friction exactly generate static electricity.
I understand electricity has many different properties with many different uses.

why do certain materials conduct electricity?

September 7


I was having a fun time watching a horror movie but then suddenly it went dark. At such a bad timing because the power went out in the video. I got so scared that I stood still. Then the lights turned on in the game and in real life. That is why I hate horror movies this day. I do watch some kind of horror games but ones that are not scary like five nights at Freddy’s 1-5. I hope you enjoyed this scary true story about me. The end.

September 3


Time for the sleepover I can’t wait. So after a while we got tired so we went to bed. I woke up to see a monstrous face, I ran. My friends woke up they ran. We quickly entered the closet. “Have we lost him?”

“Think so”

“Shhhh” *creepy laugh* on three we run 1…2…………..3! Left here. “Okay we lost him right?”

“No he is right around the corner”

“Quick come” we entered another closet this is insane. We had to leave. “Gooo!”  We ran out of breath. As it came rushing towards us we woke up.