October 29


I was home alone, or at least I thought. I was playing Minecraft with my friends. We were playing factions inside Minecraft. As we were playing I heard a noise upstairs. I thought it was just the wind, so I continued to play Minecraft. I eventually stopped to do my homework as I completed my hot maths and was half-way through my 100wc I went upstairs one of the doors was open as the door slammed I knew I was not alone. i quickly grabbed my staff beating the robber up. let’s just say he got used to prison air.

October 22

100 wc

We have witnessed the sinking of a man. He decided to try something unique, so people doubted him. He tried it and it worked he built a ship shaped like a man. All ships were terrified thinking it was a giant. but then one brave ship shot the man ship and it sunk. everyone was so sad that they built a memorial in the water of the giant ship. But the memorial was old and starting to wear out so they had to demolish it. As of this day the statue is gone.