March 19

100wc #3

Hi, my name is Jeff. I am always unlucky even though my zodiac animal is the dog. I’m not a sporty type of person, though I do love tennis and video games. I also watch internet memes. My favourite one is my names, Jeff. I don’t go out much. So I’m not as fast as sonic so I come last in some races. I’m terrible at video games so I always am last in video game competitions. (This is not me/Martin because I’m the best at video games I feel sorry for Jeff) so that is why I am always last.

April 21

the icky eyeball

DING DONG. Yay the postmans here. Ooh a box thats addressed to me. I put my hand in the box and felt a slimy substance and then I pulled it out I saw what it was and I was nauseous. It was an eyeball, no wait, it was a fake eyeball. then the postman started laughing and laughing because it was prank day. I started thinking of a way to prank him. I got it. DING DONG the postman arrived again, sploosh the bucket of slime fell on his head and i laughed my head of hahahaha! the end.

April 14

THE SPOT… 100wc#7

i tried to stop it but the spot just grew and grew i could not get it off the wall no matter how hard i scrubbed it just kept on growing even when i stopped touching it. It was almost 6:00 my mum could not see this stain on the wall otherwise i would be doomed i painted over it but it did not help. I quickly rode my bike to bunny warehome to buy some mega white bunny paint but they were out of stock so i bought the black one and then the hole disappeared. the End

March 23


Once there was a guy that was a Superhero. He loved fighting Quadraflys and quadraflys are flys that fly 4 times faster than normal flys and like eating chips. The guy also liked to lie a lot and he liked the sweet taste of revenge on bad guys. He has a hobbie which is rowing in a row. When he fights villains he fights with his red cat which has laser eyes and the villains have nuclear farts which poisons people. Though he has an arch enemy which farts cows and burps razor blades. So that’s it, the end.

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