May 28


This BTN was about a computer virus called “Wannacry”.

A computer virus called “Wannacry” went across computer infecting over 300,000 computers in over 150 countries. This virus was spread by hackers emailing dodgy links. When they were clicked they would download a virus that would lock all their files unless they paid 400 dollars. Some people that got this virus just used their back-up, others paid the hefty amount of money to get back their files. Why do people have to hack computers? Why is it so hard to track hackers? I understand that you should always try your hardest not to get hacked and also make sure you always back-up your computer.

May 26


A long time ago an awesome ninja called Genji ate the most perfectly crafted burger. All the flavours played in his mouth. The burger had every edible thing in the entire universe in it. Packed with sauces: ketchup, mustard, vinegar, lettuce, kale, meat and chicken. He loved the burger so much that he wanted to savour it. But then his brother Hanzo came and stole genji’s sword and sliced him in half wanting the burger for himself happily eating away at the burger. Nothing could stop him now. He laughed all day with the burger in his tummy.

May 23


this chart shows the world’s wealth held in 2005

% of worlds wealth held in 2005
Richest 10% 58.2
2nd Richest 10% 16.8
3rd Richest 10% 10.5
4th Richest 10% 6.5
5th Richest 10% 4.4
6th Richest 10% 2.5
7th Richest 10% 0.9
8th Richest 10% 0.2
9th Richest 10% 0.1
Poorest 10% 0

martin rulz-2i0iuf8

May 21


There it is the wild orange within a crocodile, we have finally found it. I don’t know how it happened but it did. Time to get it on my wide scope camera. Click. That’s a good photo now I need to get home. 1 hour later. Okay here is the photo you have been wanting. My boss collapsed from the site of the photo. You actually found it. Well I am a master of photography. So what’s my reward? One million dollars. So what are you going to do with the money? I will buy a new house.

The end

May 21


This btn was about how we destroy the world by throwing away clothing.

Throwing out clothes can destroy the environment and produce a lot of waste.
Back in the day’s people would only have a few sets of clothes and sew them up if they got torn. Australia is the 2nd biggest consumer of fabric in the world. Each of us buys over 27 kilos of fabric a year.
Why do we need so much clothing? I understand that this is a very big problem because in the future we won’t have a beautiful landscape.
Why do some people not bother about fixing clothes?


blue= understanding


May 12

btn donating blood

This video was about how blood can save loads of lives.

1 of 3 Australians will need blood. There are about 5 litres of blood in our body and half a litre can save three lives.

To donate you must be 16 or over and in good health so you don’t spread diseases.

Blood is boxed up and put in a machine to process it. If the blood is whole blood it goes into a centrifuge to separate the layers. Why does our blood contain different materials? How does a centrifuge separate blood from the other liquids? I understand that it’s extremely important to donate blood.

May 12


I couldn’t eat something so delicious without my mum. I t was so tempting but I held back I decided to go to the stores to buy a gift for my mum. I got her a cute teddy bear. I had entered a competition it was time to see if I won or not. I couldn’t look I closed my eyes then opened them I had no new emails. I start to get really sad. But I let that go past me and forgot about it. Soon enough my mum came home and we had a delicious slice of cake.

May 5


Why did we have to go through here it’s the sewers. Well we heard major diamond reading in the place were headed to. Here we are. The slime dripped through the gate. Maybe we should turn back. NO we are entering so we can be rich. Everyone that entered the cave looking for money died. Well were not those people are we? Okay I’m out bye. Ok suit yourself. Time to get some money. A horrendous slimy screech comes from the gate a giant monster in fact. Ok I’m just gonna go *nervous chuckle* no stay. But no don’t please.

May 5


Donald trump doesn’t care about anyone other than him he only cares about money. Why does Donald trump not care about a global problem? Half of America’s lives will be disappointed if global warming strikes and destroys all sand dunes. Some kids are having nightmares that there will be no sand dunes all thanks to Donald trump. Why does Donald trump never listen to the people that live in America? I understand that Donald trump does not care about big problems. People can believe what they want but Donald trump’s job  is to listen to those people and help them.

April 30

btn earless dragon

This btn was about the most endangered reptile in the world.

Habitats have been destroyed from over-development and farming. These reptiles are highly endangered and rare. What predators attack them? How exactly are we harming them? I understand that we need to help save these precious reptiles. We need to help these dragons survive. These dragons are very small and are prey to bigger animals.